This week in play scheme we became adventurers and explorers. We found out about lots of different countries from around the world.

On Tuesday we looked at the USA, home of classic board games such as Monopoly, Connect Four and Yahtzee. To play some of these games, and many more, we visited our local Board Game Cafe – Draughts. We had a great time trying out lots of different games with our friends.

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After returning to Rosemary Works we became Disney illustrators and had a go at drawing our own characters for Walt Disney.

We also enjoyed looking for Waldo in the popular American Where’s Waldo books. Waldo is called Wally in the U.K but his name was changed in America.

We went searching for Waldo and even tried to create our own Where’s Waldo picture. Can you find Waldo?

Clue: He is near the King of the Jungle.


“There he is!”

On Wednesday we had a brilliant morning at Forest School. We loved exploring the adventure playground and making our own tools using things we had found.

In the afternoon we went on a digital adventure to Mexico and had a look around the streets of Mexico City as well as exploring Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan Temple.

We also made our own Mexican bean wraps which we thought were very tasty.

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We coloured and designed our own Mexican Day of the Dead skulls. We loved the colourful designs. What do you think?

We spent our Thursday in Japan. We learnt how to count to 10 in Japanese and painted our our own kanji writing. We also practised the art of paper folding as we made our own origami spirit foxes.

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The week had flown by and on Friday we took a trip to the Little Angel Theatre to see a puppet show of ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’.

The puppetry work was incredible and we loved the story too.
In the afternoon we looked at German Fairy Tales and learnt about the Brothers Grimm who collected and wrote down these tales hundreds of years ago.

We created our own story dice and character stick puppets to help us tell our own stories.


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Finally we went to Rosemary Gardens to enjoy the fabulous sunshine and celebrate another fun-filled play scheme.

We’re really looking forward to the Summer Play Scheme.
Hopefully we see you all there.