As well as the Community Project RW team that you may have read about earlier this week (press HERE to see if you didn’t), the children in the Enterprise Project RW team have also been offsite and doing some market research.

The children asked a couple of stall holders questions (what’s popular at Christmas? How long does it take to set up? Which is the busiest day etc).  They noted how the more colourful stalls grabbed their attention and that the best stalls were very neat.

Having spent the last couple of weeks researching on the internet and considering all the possibilities for a profitable product, they agreed that there is a gap in the market for…

high end dog treats!

So that’s what they’ll be doing leading up to Christmas. Sourcing products, getting the best price, packaging the perfect pooch product and a marketing programme to raise brand awareness. Who needs Alan Sugar – our Enterprise Project RW children have more acumen than all of his contestants put together!

Do wish them well, and if you can help, please get in touch.