It’s been a busy week in our play scheme this week.
Here’s what we’ve been up to:


To start off this fabulous week we went for a trip around the World! We went on a digital expedition to The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower and The Great Barrier Reef too. We also painted some world maps and put together a giant puzzle to find out where all the continents are.

Painting our world maps

Exploring the oceans

Putting the pieces together

They’ve done it!



Where would you like to go?

We also looked at flags from around the world and completed a quiz game to name as many flags as we could. We used an atlas to help us find out about the flags we didn’t know.

Finding out about flags

Checking our answers

150 Flag streak!! Our Flag expert ^

We created our own flags

We made up our own flags for imaginary countries

We had a fantastic day learning about countries and flags from around the world.


Love was in the air on Tuesday. It was Valentines day! We created our own peg dolls to give as gifts to those that are special in our lives. These dolls make sure that you always have sweet dreams.



Looking good

We also made valentines cards for our families. We put a lot of love into our cards and included a special message.

Writing our messages

Decorating our cards


In the morning we went down to Forest School for some adventure play. We got to play in the mud and explore the great outdoors.

In the afternoon, it was time to get cooking. Joe helped us make our own mug cakes. We followed the recipe and added in all the ingredients before putting the mix in to cook.

The cakes were very yummy and tasted extra chocolatey.
What a delicious afternoon.


Mud, mud, glorious mud! We had a visit to Hackney City Farm and met some of the locals, including: some sheep, a goat and a rather shy duck!

We also had a go at creating some still life pictures of flowers using oil pastels. It was very relaxing. Afterwards, we planted some cress seeds to take home with us. We look forward to watching them grow.


To finish the week we headed down to the fabulous Draughts – Board Game Cafe and had a great time picking games from their game library. We played everything from Chairs to Monopoly.


So far, so good!

Learning how to play ‘Fruit Salad’.

You sunk my Battleship!

So many choices!

There were lots of laughs and giggles. We had a lot of fun at the board game cafe. It was a great way to finish off our Play Scheme.

Its been a chock-a-block week with lots and lots to do. Fabulous!
We’ll be back at Easter half term with even more activities.
We hope to see you then.

See you next time!