What a day, what a week, and in fact, what a term!

It’s almost immeasurable what the children have achieved in the last three months, but we know it’s impressive and beyond my expectations in so many ways. Sure, they’re making great progress in areas of the curriculum, but it’s the other things, like the way they interact with each other and the staff, the immense Project RW achievements and their sense of community and self that make me so proud.

Today I paid tribute to the children’s achievements in celebration assembly and a warm thank you to all the Rosemary Works staff who make it happen. It’s a great team and a busy, bustling environment that our children are thriving within.

Thank you to all of you for supporting the school and making this year, so far, a tremendous one. I cannot wait to see further adventures as we move into 2018 – the expected, the unexpected and the unknown.

For today, a big well done to all our Stars of the Week and I wish you all a lovely winter break.

Rob 