Happy New Year Everyone! We’ve had a fun-filled start to 2017.

On Thursday we went on a graffiti walk around Haggerston. We looked at different kinds of street art in the local area and talked about how they were created. We used this street art to inspire our own artworks back in Play Scheme. The Playschemers used paint stencils to create some fantastic pieces. They also made their own artists tags using the laptops.

Some fantastic abstract street art on Oarsman Road.

A very strange looking creature along the canal.

Using stencils to make our own artworks.

In the afternoon we had a dance competition and made this music video of our best dance moves. We do love to dance!


On Friday we had a Harry Potter inspired day.

The Playschemers were sorted into their houses and painted their house badges. We then had a very special spell casting class with one of our Hogwarts professors. We learnt how to cast ‘Lumos’, ‘Expelliarmus’ and ‘Wingardium Leviosa’.

The students then had broomstick class where they took part in Quidditch races and in the afternoon they made their own magical potions. They created recipes using some very strange ingredients from the Wizards kitchen including frog spawn, dragon dandruff and eye of newt. Some potions could make you float around, others could make you pull a funny face. The Playschemers enjoyed making and trying their concoctions.

The professor teaches one of the students how to cast ‘expelliarmus’.

Casting ‘Lumos’.

Some excellent wand work.

Quidditch races.

Trying the potions

Choosing the potion ingredients

Our very happy witches and wizards

We had a fantastic time this week and look forward to our next Play Scheme in February. We hope to see you there.