Inspection results

In September 2012, we wanted to be a part of a larger network and the Independent Schools Association (ISA) seemed the perfect fit for our school. We had a preliminary mini-inspection to see if we were suitable to join, and we were!

So from December 2012, we became an associated member of the ISA, which meant that from then onwards we would be inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). We informed Ofsted of this change and, by May 2014 we had the very positive experience of our first ISI inspection. This built upon our last Ofsted inspection, showing that the school had made good progress since. This report is available from the Independent Schools Inspectorate at the ISI website or as a PDF document below.

Joining the ISA has opened our world to a wonderful network of independent schools across the country and some exemplary professional development opportunities and network meetings. We entered our first ISA art competition in 2015 and received a special mention for one of our pieces!

Rosemary Works ISI Report May 2014