What another busy month Nursery Class have had! They returned from the Easter break raring to go and were very eager to kick start our new ‘Growing’ topic.

We spent the first few days enjoying circle time, discussing the different types of things that grow and how before setting off to explore our local surroundings and have a nature scavenger hunt.  The children loved having the task of looking for things such as trees, birds, flowers and minibeasts and were excited to tick them from the list as well as discovering other things that grow along the way.

Our role play area was transformed into a garden centre and the children have had a great time developing their imagination and social skills by selling each other plants and flowers as well as planting their own seeds and have been using the soil to develop their measuring and estimation skills.

The theme of scavenger hunts continued in Forest School where the children have been learning about different types of leaves and plants and using their ever developing skills to hunt for them – again showing just how observant they are becoming.

Finally, we have been super impressed with how well the children have been working together as a team over recent weeks whether it is with scavenger hunts, board games or small world activities they are constantly helping one another to achieve goals as you can see in the photos.  It is lovely to see, well done on another brilliant month Nursery!