This week Nursery Class been very busy putting on lots of different puppet shows for each other, inspired by the story of Goldilocks.  They have been encouraging one another to buy tickets and sit down to watch the different shows, taking it in turns to use the different puppets.  It has been lovely to watch them doing this independently and we are all very impressed with how much confidence they have in front of one another.

Colour was a big focus for us this week and the children really enjoyed sharing their favourite colours with the class.  We learnt what the primary colours are and what happens if we mix them together.  As you can see from the photos, it got very messy but VERY fun!

We also made the most of having Sam and several Australian children in the class and had a huge celebration for Australia Day.  We spoke about Australian animals, weather and were even treated to some fairy bread for snack – yummy!

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