Nursery Class have had a lovely week finishing up their topic of ‘Traditional Stories’.  They looked at a different version of the story ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ where the wolf is actually innocent and spent some time on the carpet discussing which story they liked best and who they thought was telling the truth.  It was lovely to see the children being really attentive and have the confidence to share their views and opinions with the class, demonstrating how much they have grown since September.

On Tuesday they had fun making their very own piggy faces with some rice cakes and a variety of fruit.  The children showed how carefully they can use a knife to spread the yoghurt and cut the fruit and used some brilliant mathematical language throughout the activity.  Each piggy looked fantastic and very individual and according to the children they tasted fantastic!

The rest of the week was spent listening to the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, developing our fine motor skills in our finger gym and playing with some new board games which really developed the children’s turn taking skills.  Well done Nursery!

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