What a month Nursery class have had!

We have continued with our topic of ‘Animals’ for the entire month, focusing on sea animals and more recently, pets.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and particularly liked relating it to their own experiences, sharing stories of how they have seen certain animals or the pets they have at home.  It has been lovely to watch their confidence increase at circle time where they each took a moment to discuss their favourite animals.

We had fun with our counting skills when it came to using pegs as animals legs, making sure each animal had the correct amount on their bodies and our number recognition skills have really improved as practiced ordering numbers from 0-10.

We have also demonstrated a great understanding of how to care for animals and this was especially noticeable whilst we spent lots of time playing in our vets role play area.

On top of all of this, our enthusiasm for Forest School is still going strong as we have spent the past couple of weeks making rafts, baking our own bread and even having the opportunity to use some saws!

Check out the photos to see some of the fun we have had!