Nursery Class kicked off another busy week this week by celebrating Chinese New Year.  We were kindly treated to some Chinese snacks by Cadeyrn which tasted so yummy we wanted to keep eating them!  We then set up our Chinese tea set on the discovery table and explored the different types of food, even playing with some real noodles.  Whilst playing with the tea set we experimented with the chopsticks, developing an understanding of how they work and it really helped to increase those fine motor skills of ours when we were trying to pick up the food!

Our role play area this week is set out as a construction area so that we can act out the story of ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ and build our own versions of the houses.  Everyone came up with brilliant ideas on how they wanted their houses to look and made sure to balance the blocks carefully so they didn’t fall.  It was great watching the children act out the story and adapt it slightly using their own imaginations whilst showing off their brilliant communication and teamwork skills.

Whilst focusing on our current story of ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ the children were set the task of recalling the order of the story before making their own version of the houses using different materials.  The children all did wonderfully, showing how well they know the story and each of them made their houses look fantastic.  Well done on another fab week!

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