We’ve had a wonderfully busy Easter play scheme.
Here’s what we’ve been up to:

On Monday we enjoyed lots of Easter games such as pin the tail on the bunny and clockwork bunny racing. We also got to make our own Easter egg art.

On your marks, get set, HOP!

Things get dotty.

In the afternoon, we took a trip to the Little Angel Theatre in Hackney to watch The Ugly Duckling. It was amazing how they told the whole story with shadow puppetry. It was very different to anything we’ve seen before and we absolutely loved it.

On Tuesday we watched the Aardman Animation film Shaun the Sheep. It was very funny. We talked about how the film was made using a technique called stop-motion animation. We made some of our own animations using the iPads. We also created our own fluffly sheep decorations to take home.

Easter animations

We had an afternoon of MAD SCIENCE! We looked at different reactions including finding out what happens when you mix cola and mentoes. The results were explosive to say the least.

The eruption!

Using magnets to move cars

We also tried some other experiments. We thought about how we could move a toy car without touching it. We came up with lots of fantastic ideas including ‘blowing air at the car’ and ‘using magnets to push the cars’.

We loved going to Forest School on Wednesday. Amrik helped us to cook our own bread rolls. We also got to explore the playground and practised our free climbing skills.

When we got back to school we made our own Easter inspired board games. We got to play each others games, they were lots and lots of fun.

On Thursday we had an Easter Bunny Boot Camp. We trained to be best the best bunnies we could be. Our training included:
* Decorating Easter Eggs
* Making Our Bunny Ears
* Hopping Class
* Bunny Team Building
* And, of course, Egg hunting

Our beautifully decorated Easter Eggs.

Egg-cellent work

Look at that concentration!

“I found one!”

On Friday we decorated our own Easter cards to give to our families. We then made our own picnic bags to take with us over to Rosemary Gardens for a lovely afternoon in the sunshine. What a nice end to a great week!

Making jam sandwiches, yum yum!

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and we look forward to seeing you all soon.