We’re not long back at school after our rest over Easter, but already there’s been lots to celebrate include Earth Day, and, some of the wonders of nature, with our lovely new theme of ‘growing & changing’.

This half term, we’ll be looking at animal life-cycles and will be busy in the garden, planting seeds of different sorts and helping them to grow. So far, we’ve planted sunflower seeds and have been great at keeping them watered, wondering how long it will be before we see those big yellow flowers. Hmmm…

Our trip to Stepney Farm was bundles of fun! Such a happy, well-maintained working farm, with a great range of animals, young and old – we’d recommend a trip to anyone!

We saw goats with their amusing, playful kids frolicking the fields, hens taking dusk baths, geese and ducks in the pond, nosey Berkshire pigs (surprisingly cute!) and some smaller cuddly animals, like rabbits and guinea pigs.

A highlight for most was the chance to see a baby lamb who had only come into the world earlier that morning! Too shy to come say hi, we watched from a distance as he snuggled up to his mum in the field. A super day out was had by all!