Our assembly season continued with the Early Years finishing our final two weeks of term. It was Reception Class’ turn this morning and they showed the children in the school, their parents, nannies and grandparents, a lovely range of things they’ve been learning in school.

It started with a welcome in Makaton, then we were told that they were going to take us on an amazing animal journey around the world, starting with dogs – facts about dogs, a song about dogs and even a dog trainer!

Then Reception Class took us to Africa and shared with us what they learnt about some of the animals that live there. This included a fun guessing game for audience participation.

Out of Africa, they went to America and focused on bears, teaching us lots of interesting facts about them. They showed some lovely bear masks they’d made and finished the assembly with a singalong of the Bare Necessities.

Congratulations to all the children in Reception Class. They did us all proud!

Here’s the video of the assembly for you to enjoy and share: