Our theme this half term is journeys, adventures & storytelling, and we’ve certainly set off on a fun and adventurous note – new year, new theme and already some new skills to boot!
John Burmingham’s Mr Gumpy (very old school!) took us on some funny adventures in his ‘motor car’ and rowing boat. We learned how to use a compass to find north, south, east & west, made passports, played in our new airport role-play area. In maths we talked about our journeys to school and made a class pictograph to find our the most popular modes of transport. Turns out it’s walking, followed by scooting in Reception Class…a right healthy bunch! 🙂
Speaking of healthy – this term in PE we are gymnasts & yogis! On Friday embarked on our gymnastics journey, for many children it’s their very first time. Charlie and I were so impressed at how brave and willing they were, especially on some bigger equipment like the  climbing apparatus. A fantastic start to the term Reception Class. Lots more adventures, storytelling & even a trip to come!