June has brought us Reception lot so much joy and new learning!
Far too much to squeeze into here so we’ll hit you with some highlights instead…
The big heatwave has meant love of cooling fun with water! We had our own take on pool parties and some yummy cold (and healthy!) snacks were prepared by the class. Frozen watermelon slices and fruity ice lollies were a dream on those scorching hot summer days!
Together with Big Playschool & Nursery friends, we’ve been busy nurturing the chick eggs. The baby chicks will arrive any day now and we can’t wait!! Very soon we’ll be up to our eyes in hay & ‘chick crumb’, keeping them fed and watered, learning how to hold them (gently!) and making sure they’re comfortable in their brooder while they’re here at school. Once a couple of weeks into the world, and too big for school, farmer Alex will come pick them up and take them to their new home at Stepney City Farm. All to come!
This month we’ve been talking a lot about being a good friend, as well as ‘healthy minds and bodies’. We’ve played games and had lovely stories to help us understand these important parts of being. Charlie and I think you’re doing a really great job Reception Class!
A huge highlight for us was the concert at The Round Chapel last week. Over the past month the children have worked very hard to learn 12 gorgeous songs from all over the world and on Thursday, performed them together with about 400 other Hackney school children. Massed singing at it’s finest, and such a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience. Lots of mums and dads, as well as siblings and family friends came along too. A really big thank to all who cheered us on! Just brilliant! ✨

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