May you have been wonderful to us!
Here’s a relay some of some action from the month…
Reception Class have been finding out lots about nature’s curious ways through lots of first-hand learning about minibeasts and different animals life-cycles. There’s been lots of pond-dipping and minibeast hunts galore. The children are quite the experts by now! Did you know that minibeasts are tiny creatures smaller than your thumb, that don’t have any bones at all. Fascinating isn’t it…well we think so!
We’ve also been planting, planting, planting; sunflowers, carrots and beanstalks. Beanstalks you say? YES, and they are doing mighty – at almost half a metre tall.
A highlight of this gloriously sunny month has been our class trip to The Soanes Centre at Mile End Cemetery park. There we enjoyed a lovely walk in the woods and bug hunt, keeping cool under the canopy of the trees.Teresa, our teacher for the day, took us around this beautiful ancient woodland introducing us many exciting creatures. There were cardinal & stag beetles, damsel flies and rare-breed moths, to name but a few.
 Around the pond we there was lots of excitement as the children fished out different pond creatures, including lots of newts. We learned how to tell the difference between the males and females. The males were spotty with bumpy tails (dashing-looking!) while the females were more dainty with swollen bellies full of baby ‘newtlets’.
And then there’s the playground!! We 💚 it and the children are really enjoying challenging themselves on the beautiful new structures. May has really highlighted to us the value of nature, as well as lots of high quality physical play, to our mental and physical wellbeing. The children are all happy, healthy and learning well. Have a fantastic, well-earned break everyone!