The highlight of our week was without a doubt, our trip to Discover’s Story Centre and what a magical time we had! A space alien called Hootah sent off on a story-building mission to create an exciting story for his boring planet, Squiggly Diggly. So off we went keen to bring fun, imagination and stories to this very dull & sad place.
Before story-building there was lots of time to explore to stimulate ideas. The children enjoyed dressing up, driving a spaceship and making spoon character, before piled into the ‘observadron’ and putting our story hats on. It wasn’t long before a funny and completely silly story, they called ‘Rose and the Lost Sheep’ was rustled up and acted out. We finished up with a good old boogie!
In other areas, we’ve spent the week learning about rivers and river animals. Take a look at the lovely river scene we’ve been busy putting together. In maths, we’ve been learning to understand and work out number stories and have even been making up some of our own! And finally, we’ve opened up a very busy Chinese restaurant! Dim sum anyone…?

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