Well, Reception Class, where to start….

It’s been a fantastic March from beginning to end – and Charlie and are thrilled with how you are all learning!
Our animal journey around the world has been mountains of fun. We showed you all some snippets in our class assembly, and we couldn’t have been prouder of how everyone performed!
Our journey began in Africa where we learned about the Big Five, v. exciting! In North America and Canada, we were all fascinated by the bears. From there, we met some very beautiful animals in the Amazon rainforest and felt it was really important to keep their homes safe so the children made lovely posters to tell the world about this!
Our final stop was Australia and New Zealand and boy do they have some truly amazing animals – from the Ruru Owl, to the Tui bird with two voice boxes! By the way, our survey showed that the absolute favourites in the class were…. the kiwis and the kangaroos!! Some fab giant-sized ones were rustled up in a day!
The children in Reception Class are very thoughtful and the effort they put into making Easter and Mother’s Day cards and gifts, as well as tree decorations for good friends, has been really lovely to see.
Not only this, but they are also becoming very strong, confident and creative with their bodies – and have become shining gymnasts and yoginis this term! The acrobats we went to see at Circus Space in Hoxton were a HUGE inspiration for us.
It’s been a fantastic month and we haven’t stopped, so rest well everyone. We can’t wait for the Summer Term brings!