This week we’ve been mostly story writers! And have been nothing short of dazzled by the children’s story-telling skills. We’ve been using Tools Talekit, a toolkit to help children understand how stories are structured and help them to create their own!
Magical tales about everything and anything unfolded and came to life throughout the week. Fairy tale characters and even Pokemon and friends appeared in the stories. All had one small thing in common; a woodlands setting. All week we worked very hard on putting together a huge woodlands painting which inspired and became a beautiful backdrop for our stories. National Storytelling Week is coming up and we’re excited about our trip to Discover’s Story Centre on Monday!
In PE, gymnastics continues to be enjoyed. While in maths we’ve been working our addition – ‘counting on’ from a bigger number to find the answers in adding questions.
Everyone was super-enthused about Chinese New Year, and the story of how the Chinese Zodiac came about. We had great fun finding our animal signs, lucky numbers and colours! Gorgeous lanterns in red, yellow and gold were also made and we had a little go with noodles & chopsticks too.