Hi Everyone

What an amazing month!  It has literally flown by and we’ve managed to pack so much learning and fun into it!
Our maths studies have included reading scales, measurement (including mass, time, capacity and temperature) and exploring division as sharing equally.  I’ve provided a pack of maths activities for homework – these mainly cover revision of basic skills so it would be great, but not essential, to complete at least some of them during the long holiday ahead.  Any real time practise with money, counting coins and possibly working out change would be a fabulous kick start for the new term ahead.
In Literacy we’ve been focussing on that all important handwriting.  Some of the children feel ready to start joining some letters, others understand that their neatest work happens if they continue to print. letters separately.  We practised giving, following and writing down clear instructions in the form of a recipe for a jam sandwich and very much enjoyed eating the end products!  We also used our science observation walk as the subject of a recount write, involving lots of time connectives and describing adjectives. Everyone is now an expert in using and spelling homophones but the highlight of our work in literacy this term, I hope you will agree, were the gorgeous Mother’s Day poems that every child created!
Incredibly we have also  managed to fit in scientific studies of Spring plants appearing all around us and the development of  a growing bean seed, music with Yusuf, a fascinating variety of enrichment lessons about different celebrations, observational drawings and chalk pastel studies of flowers and we are beginning to develop tennis skills in PE.
Phew!  I think you will agree, your children have earned a long and enjoyable holiday and I wish the same to all of you.
PS  Please keep reading every day with your child!