Our Summer Play Scheme has gotten off to a fantastic start. We’ve been running weekly activities with everything from drama lessons to cookery classes.

Here is what we get up to each week:

On Monday we like to start the week by getting crafty. Over the last three weeks we’ve tried lots of different crafts including sewing – where we made our very own hand puppets, collage – where we created a huge sunflower and we’ve also tried clay modelling – to make lucky charms.

We also became comic book artists and created our own comic pages and characters. Check them out:

On Monday afternoons we like to get sporty. We head outdoors to try out different games and skills – jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swings or playing boules over the park.

On Tuesday mornings we get to take part in a drama session. We’ve been learning lots of improvisation skills, from showing different emotions to creating scenes with strange characters.

Acting angry. I wonder what has annoyed everyone?

Creating tableaus. We’re at the circus – Can you tell what the characters are doing?

On Tuesday afternoons, we have been learning about the history of video games. We started with Pong, then moved on to space invaders and last week we looked at the first ever games featuring Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. It has been lots of fun gaming with our friends.

Wednesday is when we head to forest school in the morning. We learn about woodcraft and fire safety and get to explore shoreditch adventure playground!

In the afternoon it’s cookery time. We’ve tried everything from creating salad dressing to making jam tarts and chocolate rice crispy cakes. Wednesday is a yummy day.



On Thursday we have a drumming session in the morning. We have been learning about beat and rhythm and have been trying out different drumming patterns each week.

It gets very noisy but we really enjoy ourselves.

In the afternoon we learn about famous people from the past. We’ve looked at Alexander Graham Bell and made our own plastic cup telephones, we learnt about NASA’s rocket girls and had a go blasting our own rockets into the sky. Our favourite person to learn about has been Amelia Earhart, she was a famous aviator and the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. We made our own paper planes to see who could fly their plane the furthest.

Making our planes.

  Learning about Amelia Earhart.

Friday is trip day. We’ve taken a trip to a board game cafe to try out lots of different board games and last week we went to the Little Angel Theatre to watch a play called ‘Much Ado About Puffin’. It was hilarious and we loved the puppetry in the show.

As you can see, it’s been an action packed Play Scheme this Summer and we still have lots more activities and adventures to enjoy over the next 3 and a half weeks. Woohoo!

See you soon.