Year 1 children at Rosemary Works School took to the stage this morning to perform their class assembly. They chose the story of Little Red Riding Hood and it was exceptional. For any primary aged group of children to perform like our children, would be amazing, but these guys are 5 and 6 years old!

Their confidence with performance, dance, song, acting and presentation was wonderful to watch. Our audience of children from Nursery Class to Year 6 were spellbound, not to mention our parents who, I believe, loved it.

Congratulations to Alice and Jackie. They managed to include every child so they all had a meaningful part in the play and you could tell that they hadn’t rehearsed within an inch of their lives – the children loved performing and were as excited at the beginning of the show as at the end. We’re so very proud of you all!

Here is the HD video of the show for you to watch again…

Enjoy and share with your families.