Year One have enjoyed a very busy few weeks, from our School trip to the Discover Center to writing our own story books and more! The children loved learning about the weird and wonderful world of Dr Seuss on our trip and had a great time in the enormous play area. We also had a go at making up our own nonsense words which was a lot of fun! In class we have been working hard at getting to grips with measuring, division and multiplication in Maths where the children made their own spooky potions while working on capacity! In P.E. we have been practising our Sports Day skills and enjoying mud slides, fire-building and flower art using natural resources at Forest School. The children are so proud of their story books, which can be found in our classroom (some even have prices!).


This followed our Traditional Tales topic and we worked very hard on character, setting and problems/resolutions to build our story. It is so lovely to see them all take such pride and enjoy reading everyone else’s stories too! Well done, Year One! As we near the end of the year, we have been doing a lot of reflection when it comes to our achievements across the year and the children have been shocked and amazed looking back at their work from the beginning of the year compared to their work now. Amazing job, Year One!

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