What great start to the year! We have had a lovely couple of weeks in our new classroom, getting to know one another but also trying out new things and settling in to our different routines. I am pleased to say that it is going very smoothly!

We have been completing lots of pirate-themed activities and had a swashbuckling time trying to find our treasure after some naughty pirates came and took it away! We are learning about humans in Science and have started to look at the Great Fire of London in History.

In Geography we had a lovely discussion about ‘home’ and ‘school’ and sent postcards to our own houses! Forest School has been lots of fun and in P.E. we have been building on our throwing and catching skills. Jackie and I could not be happier or more proud- what a lovely way to begin the year! Well done, Year One! Here’s to a fantastic year!

Watch our short movie: