Surely this was the fastest June on record as it seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye! And so hot!  Year 2 still managed to pack in a whole myriad of fantastic activities including  meditation with a cuddly friend, Sports Day practise, raising and releasing our beautiful butterflies, a trip to yet another fascinating gallery, learning drumming patterns  and celebrating several birthdays..  And all that in some of the hottest temperatures on record!
In literacy we researched a favourite animal  on the lap top, taking notes on the most interesting information.  We then gathered inspiration from the great David Attenborough to help us turn those notes into fascinating factual sentences to include in our animal reports.  The children’s IT skills were further developed as they learned to search for, copy, paste and manipulate photographs of their chosen animal to use in those reports.  We’re now producing clay models of the animals.
The children’s times table knowledge is coming on a treat and this is really helping to develop a better understanding  of division.  I am so impressed with how everyone’s mental maths skills are growing – Year 2 are discovering that there is  sometimes more than one way to solve a problem and can cleverly give reasons for how they find answers.

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