What a massive variety of ‘stuff’ we’ve done this week!  I can’t believe what we have packed into just 5 days.

On Monday  the children were absolute stars in their Chinese Dance workshop.  They listened so attentively and concentrated on performing to the best of their abilities.  The end result was stunning and I hope you managed to see the video posted by Rob earlier in the week – if not, here it is, plus another one below the photos.

 I was so impressed by everyone’s marvellous maths this week.  Everyone took on the challenge of choosing the best method to add or subtract 2- digit numbers.  Does your child prefer to use objects or a hundred square?  To draw Diennes cubes or work to work mentally?  We have talked about making predictions and checking answers too.
We’ve been  very busy planning our own fairy tale style story this week.  We broke down the stories in to 5 parts – can your child tell you what they are?  We managed to write the introductions to our stories today and I was so impressed AGAIN!  Each member of Year 2 is making amazing steps forward in their writing, whether they are taking care to spell new words more accurately or to choose amazing adjectives.
Alice introduced us to the massage programme this week and it was wonderful to see how calm and kind everyone was with each other.  I can see the massage having a really great effect on the children’s ability to focus and concentrate.
Everyone enjoyed the second installation of Enrichment lessons as well as visits from 2 mums to share their own experiences of a special celebration.  Thanks guys, (especially for the yummy treats you provided!),  and a very happy Chinese New Year to all!