In Year 2 we’ve enjoyed an extravaganza of story related activities this week.  We started off with Elena’s mummy kindly giving her time to come and read a Chinese New Year story (together with a multitude of other activities) as well as David running a story-telling workshop.  Everyone worked tirelessly on their own fairy tales and we are pretty pleased with the results.  On Thursday Lora delighted everyone with the tale ‘On the Way to School…’ and the children used their imaginations to full effect to create their own versions.  And finally, on Friday, we shared some of our favourite stories with the Reception Class children, being sure to show off our ‘storytelling voices’ to full effect.

We got to grips with using the inverse operation (not as tricky as it sounds -ask your child to tell you)  in maths as well as learning a trick or two to help us learn the 5 times table by heart.
Finally, in Science, I asked the children to help me solve a problem involving my cat (ask!) which led to us investigating the absorbency of different types of paper.  The children were able to make predictions and offer interesting ideas about the reasons behind our results – great work guys!