How wonderful to see everyone back after the long Easter holiday looking relaxed and refreshed.  It took everyone a little while to get back into the swing of a busy school day but we managed to achieve a lot in the 8 short days we’ve been back!
Everyone is feeling much more confident about using money now after our work on adding different amounts, paying with exact coins and working out and giving change.  Do encourage your children to practise their cash handling skills further in the real world.
The books of Anthony Browne were a big hit with everyone and the children enjoyed writing book reviews and blurbs for some of the stories.  Which was your child’s favourite book so far?  And why?  More in depth work on these beautifully illustrated stories next week.
Green fingers were put to the test as we planted a variety of cherry tomato seeds in class and thought about what the seeds will need in order to grow.  The children were surprised to find out about the different types and colours of tomato available.  Fingers crossed we may produce some tomatoes by the summer!
Not only gardeners but also art critics are to be found in Year 2.  We started off our new topic ‘Famous Artists’ by identifying the names and creators of some of the most well known paintings in the world and everyone learnt more about a famous artist in the first of our Enrichment lessons this week.
Our jaunts to Shoreditch park to play rounders with Year 3 have been hugely popular!  We’ve taken full advantage of being able to run as far and as fast as we can as well learning a lot about throwing, catching, fielding and hitting skills.  What a giggle to see the children rolling down the small hill at the end of the lesson – maybe I’ll join them next week…