Getting our heads round perimeter
What a great first week back. Everyone has come back to school with a smiling and caring attitude. Year 3 are definitely ready to learn. We have been looking at 2D shapes and calculating perimeter in maths. In partners we drew shapes in order to work out the perimeter. We had to remember to measure every single edge and everyone worked so hard. They children realised that when measuring the perimeter of a rectangle then the opposite sides are the same length. Impressive mathematical eyes! Well done!
In keeping with our new topic ‘Festivals and cultural celebrations’, we are learning about non fiction writing in English. Everyone is really excited to create a non fiction fact file about all the different celebrations we learn about. This week we learnt how to skim and scan text for pieces of key information and then we wrote notes. We can’t wait to learn more about all the festivals that happen all over the world.
In Science Year 3 received a letter from the ‘Institute of Archaeology’ from Professor Stone asking us to become rock experts and create a rock and fossil museum with exhibitions on everything we learn. I can’t believe how much Year 3 already know. This museum is going to be fantastic!
Pe started this term with our topic on running. We spoke about how important it is to have stamina and endurance. We are going to be marathon runners by the end of this term.
We are looking forward to next week filled with learning about angles and lines, non fiction features and rock experiments.