Wow! What a brilliant month. We have been having so much fun while learning! A definite highlight was Anthony Glenn’s 3 day Midsummer Night’s Dream Extravaganza which allowed for Year 3 to showcase their wealth of talents. I am extremely proud of their courage and everything they achieved.

We have been getting really into our Africa Topic this term and reading a book called The Hunter. This has inspired some incredibly descriptive writing and I am so impressed with everyone for their very grown up use of language. Not only Literacy but also Geography. We have been learning all about the 54 different countries, weather biomes and animals in Africa and last week we began to learn a little more about how different life can be in Africa.
In maths we have been looking at fractions and we now have a good understanding parts of a whole and fraction of amounts. Soon we will be linking our geography to maths by learning about directions and how to use a compass. We are currently applying our knowledge of symmetry to the 54 African flags.
In Science we have been exploring how plants absorb water. We learnt about the tubes inside the stems that suck up water from the soil like a straw. We recreated this process using coloured water to see if we could watch this happen. We will be writing up our results this week.
In Art we have not only recreated an African sunrise with a silhouette of an African animal but we have also sketched some incredibly life like African elephants! I am so impressed with everyone’s observational skill.
I also want to mention that we are looking forward Sports Day tomorrow!

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