What a brilliant month of learning. Year 3 have finally finished their Year 3 Book of Amazing Myths and we would love for you to come and have a read. We are now reading Oliver Jeffer’s ‘The Great Paper Caper’ and finally discovered it was the BEAR who sole the branches from the trees! From investigative detectives to we will be becoming investigative journalists next term and writing the ‘Forest Newspaper.’ We have explored and analysed the text by embodying different characters, dramatising scenes, writing alibis and sending an eyewitness report!

In maths we have moved from multiplication to measure and learnt about capacity and using millilitres and litres. We were shocked to find that some containers could hold much more than we realised. Looks can be deceiving! You can always know the exact capacity unless you measure it carefully!
Our Science Plant topic is going really well. We have created spinners to help us and others become more familiar with the life cycle of a plant and we have just finished creating an enormous flower collage to help us demonstrate our knowledge of the parts of a flower.
For the past 2 months Year 2 and 3 have been joining together to play rounders in Shoreditch Park and Alison and I are so impressed with the expert throwing and catching, teamwork and fast running.
Finally, we are coming to the end of our guided reading sessions with Roald Dahl and The Fantastic Mr Fox. Year 3 have been able to analyse the text carefully and really identify themselves as readers. There has been a lot of strong learning! Well done everyone!