June has been quite a month in Year 4. A big highlight was of course ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The show was truly memorable – all the children performing with great confidence. Amazing to think that they had only two days to learn the script and songs. A huge thanks again to Anthony Glenn who made it all possible. And thanks too if you came to see the show.

And we set our butterflies free. Having watched them transform over a week from caterpillars, the children were very fond of them – even giving them names like ‘Nugget’ and ‘Jay-Z’. It was nice to see the butterflies enjoying the flowers in the school playground upon their release.
Kayaking restarted too on Regent’s Canal. It has been a great experience on the water every Friday morning and we’ve (so far) been very lucky with the weather. We haven’t all managed to stay dry though!
I can’t believe it is July already. I’m going to really miss the children come the holidays but we’re definitely going to have a lot of fun over the last few weeks of school. Lots still to do…. Bring on the trip to Southend, the Summer Fete and our annual picnic in Rosemary Gardens!

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