Year 4’s classroom has been a mess this week….but it’s all good. The teacher dumped a whole load of rubbish on the floor on Monday morning and the children were tasked with putting it to good use. Yes, that’s right, we’ve been making our musical instruments from junk. The girls and boys built their string and percussion instruments using old cereal boxes, Pringles tubs, plastic bottles and a host of other recyclables.

They stretched string, plastic and elastic, used paper mâché, cut card, painted, glued, stapled and tied. The end results are colourful, unique and fantastic – the children have even given their new instruments names. Why not come and see them for yourself, on display in the hall on the Tuesday morning after half term when the Year 4 parents and friends are invited for our class’ very own assembly at 10am. Until then, happy half term!

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