What a creating month May has been! 

In Year 4 this month we’ve been keeping very busy and the combination of lovely weather and a fabulous new playground has meant we’ve been able to get out and enjoy the fresh air while we learn. From our habitats investigation to our drumming classes with Yaw, there’s been a lot we managed to do outside of the classroom.

In our topic work we’ve been studying the life and work of James Whistler – an artist who loved to paint outside – albeit at night. The boys and girls relished the chance to recreate his magical drawings and paintings with fabulous results.
And in Ukulele class we’ve been learned THREE new songs! I’ve attached a link to some video recording of Years 4,5 and 6. Apologies for the shaky footage, but when I saw how good they were doing playing The Beatles’ ‘Let it be’ on their second ever run-through I just had to pick up the camera and press record. What a talented bunch. And this is before I’ve even suggested they have a go at singing too!