We were delighted to welcome David, Kathryn and Lora to school this week to help us celebrate National Storytelling Week in the most appropriate way – telling some wonderful stories! Thank you all. The children enjoyed David’s workshop time too, where they were able to get to grips with what makes some stories just so great to tell. And with Lora they loved creating their own unique dragons from clay, decorating them with sequins, feathers, paint and other media.

The designs for our musical instruments may be junk, but they certainly aren’t rubbish! In Year 4 this week we commenced the design process to build musical instruments from cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, old yogurt pots and a whole load of other recyclables. The challenge is to build a string, percussion or wind instrument on which the player can vary the pitch and volume. Judging by our photos, it looks like the children are definitely starting on the right note!