The children have started Year 4 with inspiring passion and enthusiasm for everything before them and it has been a delight to welcome Estella and Oliver to our class.


We began the term helping one another to make short animations about ourselves. We also took advantage of the beautiful weather in the first week to get outside and make some environmental art in Shoreditch Park. Working, making, playing, exploring and solving problems together helped us all get to know one another.


Over the past two weeks the children have settled well into the routine of the school day, working with focus and great enthusiasm in all of the lessons. Project RW is an exciting new addition to the timetable this year, however, investigating electricity during our Science lessons is the favorite part of the week for everyone.


The highlight of last week was staging a class debate- TV or Not TV? The inspiration came from reading Roald Dahl’s poem Mike Teavee (


After doing some research to establish the rules of a debate, the children chose a character and argued their character’s point of view. The arguments for and against television were convincing with both sides arguing with strong conviction (and alarming creativity at times) and always in role. I think I can see a successful debating team developing!


It has been a wonderful start to the year and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children for making me feel so welcome in my new role as their class teacher.