It was all about the ice this week in Year 4. On Wednesday we had a fabulous time ice skating at ‘Broadskate’. It was lovely to see the children from Years 3 to 6 encouraging and helping each other round the ice rink. There were a few bumps and one or two lightly bruised egos, but the children really gave skating a good go and had a lot of fun.

During Science class this week we were investigating the melting point of ice and what impact salt has on lowering or raising this. We used thermometers to measure the temperature changes of two identical ice blocks as they melted, one having been sprinkled with table salt.
Next, we looked into the amount of carbon dioxide in various fizzy drinks – measuring the weight of the drinks before and after rigorous shaking. A normal 500ml bottle of Coca Cola has 5 grams of CO2. Who knew?
And on Thursday morning we put our pencils, thermometers and science books down, and enjoyed a treat of a class breakfast – crumpets, muffins and apple juice. Yum!