It has been one of the busiest terms I can remember. On our visits to the 2 churches, the Sandy’s Row Synagogue and the London Buddhist Centre we not only learned a lot about some great buildings, but also got to know much more about the fascinating beliefs and welcoming communities of our great capital city.

Our trip to Mary Seacole Nursing Home was a memorable highlight of the term. The staff and residents made us most welcome and the children proved themselves to be fantastic ambassadors for the school and, in fact, young people in general, as they read stories and chatted away happily.
So many great memories including ukulele performances, world book day, joke telling for Comic Relief, gargoyle clay work and church sketches, and our class assembly….all previous website updates for you to enjoy.
For now though, we’d like to share with you what we’ve been doing in class most recently. A little project quite different from those mentioned, in which the children are encouraged to look back to a time when they were very young indeed. In the coming weeks after Easter, we’ll look forward to producing ‘Year 4’s Big book of being small’. Hope you enjoy the photos of the children each putting a page together about themselves when they were very little.
Happy Easter.