There were a million reasons to smile this week and it was lovely to welcome the children back to school after the Christmas break. They have all begun this year with a smile and an enthusiasm towards their work that makes teaching them a pleasure.

They were straight back to working with numbers up to a million in a series of games where they had to round and order them, there was Mindfulness Monday, PE and swimming at Britannia Leisure Centre, reading groups and they kick-started the ‘festivals’ topic with a philosophy for children lesson. However, the main focus for this week was the science topic of Materials and Change.
The children have been testing properties of materials, learning different ways to separate different materials and investigating dissolving materials. They also developed their own question to investigate and decided on the variables, non variables and the equipment they would need to create a fair test. They also investigated and sorted reversible and irreversible changes.
Lots of mess and fun – the best way to learn.