This week was the first week of our new Enrichment Time topic of Festivals And Celebrations. Finding out about all of the different ways people celebrate around the world is a wonderful way to brighten up the grey January days. In the Yr5/6 class our mixed group of children from Yr 1-6 worked together investigating all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They read, watched, ordered and retold the story of Rama and Sita before making their own diva lamps. These special lamps were used to welcome Rama and Sita home after their battle with an army of monkeys against an evil ten-headed demon! As you can imagine, the children loved this religious story. They also really enjoyed using clay to make the lamps. They used different techniques and tools to create the shape of the lamp and add detail. It was a pleasure to watch them work together and learn from each other.

During maths the children were using BODMAS to help the order calculations, they prepared their ideas for writing a story using a flashback and learnt the order the planets ( with the help of another mnemonic and rap ) during their science lessons. The five-a-day fitness programme  has had a successful start and the children enjoyed their swimming, PE and music time this week too.