Following on from our Enrichment Time collage of Degas’ ballerina paintings Yr5/6 looked again at his bronze statue of a ballerina. The children decided on a sport they would like to represent and researched their own image of a movement in action. They then drew this image and concentrated on the proportion of the body they were drawing. Using pipe cleaners and paper straws, they then created a skeleton for their figure before padding it out with aluminium foil. Once they had this posed figure, the children used mod-roc to create a statue. It was great fun, very messy but wonderfully effective. They created break dancers, gymnasts, footballers, martial arts poses and more. They will be sprayed in a metallic paint to create the bronze look of Degas’ ballerina statue.

This month, the children also had a very exciting visit from Anthony Glenn from Shaking Up Shakespeare.  They were all totally engrossed during his three day workshops with them. There was a real buzz around school as they learnt their lines and created freeze frames and generated  improvisations for the final performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And what a performance! The children did a fantastic job and thoroughly enjoyed every minute – as did the audience.

If all this performance and art wasn’t enough to enrich the children this month, we also headed back to the Laburnham Boat Club again for more kayaking. The children are really skilled at getting themselves on and off the water now and have a fantastic time out on the canal. As well as this, they have been practising their track and  field events skills at Britania Leisure Centre in preparation for Sports Day.

Of course there have been plenty of academic challenges for the class this month too. As well as weekly coding lessons and plenty of mathematical problem solving, they have written a traditional tale using all sorts of figurative language to improve their description within their writing. They have also worked hard to create a story telling voice and used specific language and tools such as repetition and indirect speech to create an impressive tale – I am sure they were inspired too by the magic and mystery of A Midsummer Night’s Dream too.

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