May has been another incredible month for Yr5/6.


One of the main highlights for them was the Cycle Confident training that took place over the second week of May. With two instructors by their side, they set off onto the roads and canal towpath (after a session in Shoreditch Park first) to learn how to manage their cycling.  Most children completed their level 2 qualification and everyone improved their cycling skills and , more importantly, enjoyed their time cycling. Cycling was not the only outdoor sport Yr 5/6 were involved in, kayaking continued each Thursday and reached a grand finale this week. The children have loved their time on the canal and have learnt valuable water sports skills as well as the  importance of working as a team and encouraging each other. As always, it has been a pleasure to see them all look out for each other and support those within them who may not be as confident. These extra sporting activities have run alongside the children’s weekly swimming lessons. They must be feeling super fit this month!
They’ve also been exercising their arms and vocal skills with Jah this month. They are really enjoying their djembre drumming lessons and have learnt a lot about different drumming techniques are producing wonderful sounds during each lesson and, as a whole school, during music assembly. They were also treated to an incredible assembly from a professional drummer who played them a fifteen minute composition that had them all mesmerised.
During literacy, the class have looked at ‘The Murder of  Charlotte  Dymond’ poem by Charles Causley. This gruesome matter really captured their imaginations and they have created a wealth of written work from it. They began with a missing persons report followed by investigating more facts about each person involved. This lead to a mock pre trail visit to a judge where the class split in two and had to persuade the judge that they believed the main suspect to be guilty enough to go to trial or innocent enough not to. They then wrote their letters persuading the judge of their viewpoint. A  video of a TV news bulletin was next which prepared them to write their own newspaper article and finally they created a storyboard for a dramatisation of a scene from the poem and wrote a short play script for their classmates to act out!
The topic of Artists has led a variety of interesting enrichment time lessons this month. The children have learnt all about Degas, Whistler, Kandinksky, Picasso and Van Gogh and have each produced individual pieces or have worked within a group to create a beautiful whole school collage.
Of course, there has been lots of tricky maths work going on too while the children tackle the subject of calculating fractions, mixed numbers and percentages all of this number work and calculation skill has been used with Alan during codifying lessons.
Sounds like they all need a week off!