Our Year 5 children were delighted to have the opportunity to visit one of our neighbour senior schools this morning having had a kind invite from North Bridge House Canonbury earlier in the academic Year to have a taster morning.

Taking only 20 minutes to walk to the school, when we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the assistant headteacher, head of Key Stage 3 and of modern foreign languages, Mr MacPherson with a drink and a tasty pastry (a good starter for our children!).

He took the children’s questions, mainly about lunch, and about secondary life, and then some friendly Year 7 children came to take us around the school for a tour.

After that, it was art with Mr Stroud (head of arts) and the children explored close observational drawings of human bones in pencil and chalk (see photos).

Then lunch – the much anticipated highlight! We were delighted to hear from the school after our visit. Mr MacPherson wrote:

…thanks to your students for being so hardworking, enthusiastic and well-mannered – they are an asset to your school. Our chef asked me to make sure you knew how impressed he was with their manners and conduct in the dining hall.

Our final activity was with Mrs Shelley who taught the children all about Morse Code, and then we met Mr Taylor, the headteacher before taking a trip back to school in time for swimming.

We want to thank North Bridge House Canonbury for their wonderful hospitality. They were very kind to our children and gave them a good insight into school life at their school. We look forward to more links with them in the future.

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