It has been a pleasure to see the new Year 6 class return after summer with a mature, sensible and very happy approach to their final year at Rosemary Works. ‘The big guys’ have quickly settled in and been fantastic at helping guide, by example, the much younger and less experienced children further down the school. Year 6 are proving to be great role models and we are already very proud of them.
So far we’ve really enjoyed getting our teeth into our new topic – World War II – with a taste of some food from during the rationing period of the 1940s, investigated the circulatory system in Science, and we’ve discovered the secret of good haiku writing….why not ask us how it’s done? We learned how to play Happy Birthday on the ukuleles (on Dolly’s birthday), and have started the ‘Batting and fielding games’ topic in PE.
There is a lot of work, rest and play to do over the coming months and we intend to fully enjoy every second of it. This final year is definitely going to be one to remember!