We’re bowled over by how motivated our Year 5 pupil is to make an environmental difference. Here’s what he says:

Stopping global warming and protecting our natural environment is crucial to our future on this planet. he threats we are now facing, I want to do my part in the protection of our world.

For my eleventh birthday I decided to fundraise for an environmental cause. On the 14th of September 2019, three generations of my family (dad, grandfather and me) will travel to Morocco and climb to the peak of Mount Toubkal, the second highest mountain in Africa (4,176m).

100% of your donations will be evenly split, giving half to an environmental charity called Client Earth and half to help the local Berber community who live at the foot of the mountain.

I chose Client Earth because they fight governments and large corporations and companies breaking environmental laws of all types: energy, oceans, forests, air pollution and much more!

Helping local communities like the Berbers with their environmental issues is equally important, so half of the donations will go to them, contributing to a special project that we have thought of together with them.

The villages in the area do not have a proper rubbish collection system. Some of the rubbish is carried down to the river by mules to be burnt. When I travelled there with my family earlier this year, we saw a lot of rubbish just chucked anywhere, destroying the beautiful landscape around it.

Half of your donations will be going towards building a central and accessible rubbish collection point for Imlil village, the main village in which we will be staying.

Abdu, a local climbing guide already joined us, he will coordinate the rubbish collection point project and volunteered to guide us up the mountain.

A family with a child around my age offered to host us in their home and a mule agreed to help us carry our food and equipment.

All I need now is your support to make my effort count.

If you would like to support this amazing cause, press HERE to sponsor his team. Thank you in advance.