This is for entry into the Primary School at Pre-Reception Nursery age (3) or Reception age (4). If you wish to visit one of Rosemary Works Early Years Centres, please contact them.

Regrettably, during our tours, we will not be able to spend time explaining the English education system, so if you are unfamiliar with terminology like, Key Stage 1 or EYFS, please tap THIS LINK to learn more before you visit.

For the remainder of this academic year, we are welcoming families to visit the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays (10am and 2pm) to meet with Rob and take a tour of the school. If these times and dates don’t work for you, contact the school and we’ll see if we can accommodate you at another mutually convenient time.

If you wish to visit us from September 2021, we’re operating monthly Open Days, however if you wish to visit the school because you have an older child, contact the school for a bespoke time to meet.