It was lovely to hear in assembly this morning that the teachers were emphatic about their choice of Star of the Week. There were the usual lovely reasons for this, including:

“you have been shining in everything you do these days. You try your hardest to do your best in your lessons and tests and always leap in to help others. Your enthusiastic attitude and great sense of humour helps us all skip through the day.”

“We are all impressed with the way you rose to the challenge to ‘be the best you can be’ that was given to the class a couple of weeks ago.
You are concentrating hard on your learning and also have made huge efforts to improve the neatness of your work. It’s fantastic to see you showing more and more of the considerate and helpful side of your personality too. Fabulous stuff!”

The art that you produced for homework is outstanding. Your carefully considered composition, attention to detail and striking ‘light and dark’ shading makes it a very special piece. You clearly spent some time on it…and boy what a result! Well done!

Find out next week, in our final week of term who our People’s Choice Awards will go to as voted by the children.