Hi and Welcome to the Rosemary Works Parents’ Network

The Role of the Parents’ Network (PN)

The PN was established to provide a forum to represent parents. We work collaboratively with the school owners as well as Rob and Ross to identify growth and improvement opportunities and to represent the general views of parents as a whole. This can be on anything from school lunches to playground safety.

The PN is run by a collective of parents who devote time and energy voluntarily to make the school an even better place for our children to thrive.

The PN is an open forum and welcomes involvement from all parents within the school. There are no elections for representation, we rely on volunteers. What we try to achieve each year in terms of representation is to ensure we have two parents from each year group.  If you’d like to get involved either as a class representative or in events organisation please ask the office or contact us via this link.

Your 2020/21 Year Group PN representatives are:

Nursery:       Melanie Lampo

Reception:    Molly Flatt

Year 1:         Michelle Barry

Year 2:         Valentina White, Vera Rode

Year 3:         Tamara Burke

Year 4:         !! Volunteers needed !!

Year 5:         Sara Buchet, Vera Rode

Year 6:         Mette Bergoe, Michelle Barry

PN Events

We organise and run many social events, such as the

  • Spring Family Day and Fun Run,
  • Glorious Summer Fete,
  • World Book Day,
  • Quiz Night,
  • Winter Fete and
  • various other events throughout the year such as our infamous Bake & Uniform sales and seasonal events for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The aim of these events is to provide a little extra fun for the children and enable parents from across the year groups to get to know each other, but also for fundraising purposes.

The PN Green Initiative

Reflecting the urgent environmental needs of our times, the PN set up a Green Initiative team where parents and members of the school alike would focus on specific “green” topics around the school. We aim to make the school a more eco-friendly place, in collaboration with the school.

This does include

  • generating and discussing ideas of what can be improved,
  • funding and hands-on support as improving the recycling set up around the school,
  • making social events more eco-friendly,
  • sponsoring air-purifying plants for classrooms,
  • advising on eco-friendly supplies and
  • supporting the school’s engagement to win the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

The PN and Fundraising

The PN also raises funds to provide additional resources and experiences for our children to enjoy during their school life. Funds are raised through social events and every now and then we might ask for voluntary donations to help support a number of specific projects.

Currently we are looking to sponsor the transformation of the sandpit area in a “retreat” area for the children.

Our Fundraising Ethos

We aim to only provide financial support for initiatives the PN consider to be above and beyond the necessary requirements for education provision. To qualify, initiatives should clearly be seen to significantly enrich learning and leisure experiences for all children in the school.  Each year we try to have a different focus.  The PN will generally look to match fund investments made by the school, however at the PN’s discretion, full funding (or a higher level of part funding) for initiatives would be considered acceptable.

Community Support

Furthermore, we reflect and honour the community that our school is embedded in by supporting specific local charities that do important work for the community and the children in the community. This also happens in close cooperation with the school within the framework of the school’s community work where the children get a voice on choosing the charity, as the Shoreditch Trust and others. We aim to continuously support Hackney Food Bank as well as the yearly Stokey Parents Winter Toy appeal, but also important other charities as the Childhood Trust.

What We’ve Achieved so far

We have raised money and funded or partially funded a number of great things that enhance the children’s experience at Rosemary Works.  They are:

  • The big playground and school yard were renewed in 2017. The PN contributed a significant amount of £ 10,500 by the end of 2019.
  • Classroom plants to help to improve classroom air quality
  • Sponsor class workshops for year groups during the COVID pandemic, e.g. an Ancient Greece Workshop and part funding of the Shakespeare Workshop
  • In the past, the PN has contributed £4,000 (+school contribution £2k) to the funding of new media equipment and the new ‘media lab’.
  • The continuous support of various charities throughout the year with several hundreds GBP per year.