We’ve given Democratic Time a bit of an uplift and added a couple of new categories to further enhance the experience for our Rosemary Works children.

Teachers from Years 1 to 6 each Friday afternoon for an hour run six themed activities and rotate each week:

  1. Collaborative – an opportunity for children to work together on problem-solving tasks
  2. Physical – get those bodies moving with either dance, gymnastics or sports
  3. Sensory – exploring the senses whether it be making playdough, cooking, lights and sound or textures.
  4. Art/Craft – developing those creative skills to design and make beautiful art or craft activities
  5. Reading/Doodling – the chill out zone where it’s calm, peaceful and a chance to unwind after a busy week of school
  6. Construction and Games – Building those Lego masterpieces, playing Pokemon cards, board games – it’s all here!

This afternoon, the children chose between pancake-making, street dance, construction and games, doodling and reading and using paper or computers to make their own pirate treasure maps. Here’s a short video of the children in action.